Could we be saving an estimated £1,200 a year with our driving?

Majority of the UK own a car and use it to drive to and from work or the train stations.

In 2017 there were 1,720 road deaths, which was down by 4% on the previous year. And there was a total of 27,010 people killed or seriously injured and 174,510 casualties of all severities in 2017.

If you use your car to commute to work every day, you’re a driver for a company or own a business with a fleet of vehicles and driver, no matter what driving you may do or oversee there should be policies, procedures and systems in place to do Risk Assessments on you, your business and staff’s driving.

Since the Hatfield Train Disaster, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), put in place the corporate manslaughter and homicide act. This means employers and the self-employed have a duty of care to themselves and their staff to ensure that they do risk assessments and training if needed to ensure that you and your staff can operate vehicles correctly and also includes commuting to and from work.

UK motorists waste £337 million on fuel every year with under-inflated tyres. 39% of motorists drive on damaged tyres every day whilst 5% were driving on punctured tyres.

We could all do our bit to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and CO2 emissions on our streets and in our atmosphere, as well as saving ourselves money when driving.

By checking our vehicles for damage, roadworthiness and driving in an eco-friendly manner can save 15% on average on their fuel bill, this could save an estimated £1,200 per year. That could be money towards a holiday!

Motor levels rose by 1% in 2017 vs 2016 and all of this is estimated to have cost the country £14.5 Billion. As a result, drivers are using an extra 244 million litres of fuel and emitting more than 600,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Implementing risk assessments and training for your businesses and it will have a great positive effect on you and your staff.