In winter months it can be a hard task just setting off to work in mornings, it’s dark, wet, cold and then you have to wait for what seems an eternity for the windscreen to defrost and clear. Once you have scrapped the outside and get in the car, it chooses to steam up! 

So, to help things move along a little quicker and get you on the road safely,  here are our top seven tips to keeping your windscreen clear this winter.


  1. Plan ahead

Plan ahead to save time in the mornings by putting a windscreen or full car cover on the night before.


  1. Leave plenty of time

If you allow ten minutes to clear your windscreen using a scraper and or de-icer, but also clear the side and back windows as it’s vital to have good all-around visibility. Don’t forget to check your headlights and side mirrors so you can see in them and your lights shine brightly. If you are rushing, you are likely to miss something or not be able to see clearly when driving, which could end very badly, so planning in extra time for this is a no-brainer really.


  1. Keep a bottle of de-icer in your car.

De-icer bottles are not very expensive, you can even get them from shops like Poundland, buy a few and keep one in your car. It’s easy to use, just squirt it on the outside of the screen if it’s frozen over in the morning and using a proper scraper (not a bank card or CD case as this will damage them) to scrape the ice from the windows.


  1. Don’t reach for the kettle

DO NOT pour a kettle of boiling hot water over the windows in an attempt to melt any ice. The shock from going from sub-zero temperatures to nearly 100 degrees Celsius in a matter of seconds can crack your windows, leading to an expensive bill, which nobody wants. If you are going to use water, only use very lukewarm water.


  1. Use your heater, properly

Many people are not sure on how to demist the inside quickly. To stop the inside misting up use the heater but start off cold, then very slowly increase the heat as the temperature changes and the air dries out. Very important if you use the vehicle’s heater /screen demister, don’t leave your car unattended while you wait for it to defrost as you run the risk of having your vehicle stolen. Some of the newer cars have an automatic demister button, this will automatically set the fan to the correct temperature in the car, allowing the windscreen to demist quickly.


  1. Do not use your windscreen wipers or a cloth on the windscreen.

It is so tempting just to turn the wipers on, thinking it will clear everything off for you, but it is best not to. If the windscreen is frozen, then this means your windscreen wipers are likely frozen to it too and by turning them on you will only cause the wipers damage, which will result in you needing to replace them.

Don’t be tempted to wipe the inside of the screen with a cloth. It will clear the screen in the short term; however, it will leave marks or a foam of grease on your windscreen which later will be harder to see through. Use the heater it should not take long once the car warms up.


  1. Wait for it, be patient.

Do not move off until your windscreen, rear window, side windows, mirrors, lights and number plate are all clear and free of any condensation, ice or snow as it is not only dangerous, but it could mean you miss seeing that car coming out of a drive or side road. It’s also illegal to drive with poor visibility as stated by the Highway Code.

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