BTEC Qualifications

 BTEC Qualifications

btech qualifications and training

By choosing a BTEC, you will:


  • Benefit from a flexible course structure, that blends subject theory with practical application.
  • Develop skills and knowledge needed for success in a 21st century global business environment.
  • Gain an internationally recognised qualification that is accepted by leading universities and employers across the world.

BTEC is the perfect choice if you enjoy learning by doing practical assignments and tasks. Developing your communication skills, encouraging you to collaborate with others effectively and efficiently, putting into practice the skills required for success in todays’ environment.

Choosing from a wide range of specialised vocational qualifications, you can focus on areas that are linked closely with your chosen career path. BTEC’s are developed in close consultation with industry leaders giving you the opportunity to progress direct into the workforce.

Assessments will usually take place within your work place and will be carried out by your assessor or tutor. Each qualification is made up of a combination of theory and competence based units, with focus on the ability to meet the required standards through the use of holistic evidence that naturally occurs within your working environment.

BTEC qualifications demonstrate that you have achieved internationally set standards in skills, knowledge and behaviours. Colleges, universities and employers around the world welcome applications from candidates with BTEC qualifications.

As a Pearson approved centre, we work closely with this awarding organisation, ensuring quality assurance guarantee. All BTEC qualifications are assessed to the same high standard, and all those involved in the delivery are rigorously assessed themselves to make sure the right level of support is available to you at all times. With this in mind, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the training you receive through our delivery will be nothing but the best, giving you peace of mind about the high standard of the qualification you have chosen to achieve.